Tuesday, December 30, 2008

feeding 12/28

They had some sort of meat ulam with rice and pancit, which they cooked here at the house and served on plastic trays.. The sad part about it is the kids ate the rice first, leaving the pancit and ulam almost untouched. Ate Gi's brother told me that it was like that because these kids aren't used to eating anything much else except for rice and salt, or maybe rice and noodles. At their house, that's usually all they got.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chick'n Pie

chick'n pie, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Made by Ate Gi's dad in their uh, I don't know what kind of oven.

Savory chicken pie,
with a flakey crust... mmm I love flakey anything.

The first of many variations of pie that Ate Gi's dad will be baking.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jollibeee Chick'n

Jollibeee Chick'n, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

What's the point of going to the Philippines if you don't eat at Jollibee, right?

Aside from every other fast food chain here in the Philippines that serves fried chicken with rice and gravy, Jollibee chicken is actually pretty good, considering it is Jollibee. The skin is extra crispy and yeah...

Ate Gi's been killing all the fried chicken at Jollibee fer a while now, but today... it was Wendy's fried chicken. I don't think they have that back home.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hanging Fig

Hanging Fig, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

On our way to Sagada, we passed through this mountain province called Bontoc where I saw this hanging. They butchered p some pigs and just stuck out on a rack for people to pick out and take home. I really hated seeing this, and Kuya Thyne even pointed out the pig's head, which was hanging on the wall of the meat shop. Ah man was I sad.

But we ended up eating at the restaurant across from here, and I ate vegies and... fried pork.

The vegies. Shoot, crispest and greenest and the best freshest vegetables someone could ever taste.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rice Puddin'

I think we all have that one food which we think we could live on.

Like, I could eat rice pudding everyday for the rest of my life and I'd be content
until I die from the fat content, haha. No, but I really love rice pudding. It is in
fact my favorite "food." One of them at least.

This is a pic of the rice pudding that was served to us on Phil Airlines, on the way
Man when I saw that they were serving this, I didn't care anymore how much
my ears were hurting from all the air pressure.

rice puddin

Friday, November 14, 2008

Burger Machine

Burger Machine the cheaper, less franchised version of.... let's say Burger King. They have small stalls set up on street corners, gas stations and places like that, that are easily seen by pedestrians. They serve hot dogs and burgers obviously. They have different combos, like with coleslaw and cheese, or triple patties, or spicy, sweet, or whatever sauce you like. They grill the burgers right in front of you along with the buns.

The bread of the burgers is good, it tastes wheat-y and although the burger patties are kind of small, it doesn't really matter because it tastes good.

I'd say its a really good deal, the last time guardian bought, she bought 6 of them for like P120. Or maybe each one was P30+, but its buy one, take one. Good, good. They're pretty yummy.

Last night I had a Whopper Jr, shoot. Haven't eaten one of those for like over a year, or maybe two even.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OKK! krispie

okk krispie, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Meet the greatest rice krispies this world has ever seen.

My new modified recipe uses rice krispie cereal made right here in the Philippines, the margarine has a taste of buttermilk and the marshmallows are just the right sweetness... and the chocolate... the creamiest and best tasting chocolate I've tasted. It even comes in a 2.2lb block, imagine the sweetness of that.

My OKK's now have a bigger crisp in them, a creamy sweet taste and a semi-sweet chocolate topping.

I sell boxes of 8 pieces for P90. Soon I'll put up more pictures of the ingredients, process and the final boxed up and ready to eat stage.

When I used to make these back at home, I never used to eat the extra's... I got sick of the marshmallow smell and taste for such a long time. But when I made these, I couldn't get enough!

I guess you could say I'm the biggest fan of my own product. Ha,ha.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ribbin - Home Cooked by Lolo Freddie

Hand Picked spices slathered on a stack of ribs and cooked on a custom made grill.

Step 1: Cooking.

Step 2: To the Table.


Step 3: To the mouth.

Ribbin, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Authentic Curry

curry, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Ate Gi's dad, Lolo Freddie, makes a different kind of curry. Not the usual curry that you make from pieces of chicken and a box of store bought spices. He mixes the spices together, being particular with which ones to add and which ones not to. They are so fresh that he must use it all up, the spices he mixes, within a couple of days.

The potatoes are only mixed in with the chicken right before it is served.

curry potatoes

The sauce is a lot thinner than all the other curry sauces I've eaten before. The spices are strong and you can really taste how well they mix together. It smells really great too.

Garam masala is translated to hot spices and this is also what Ate Gi's dad uses.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yellow Cab Pizza: New York's Finest

A couple night's ago was the third time we went out to eat at Yellow Cab. Cheese pizza and pasta the first time, then New York's Finest pizza with tomato/tortilla soup the second time, and then New York's Finest again the third time.

This is the 10" pizza with red and green bell peppers, onions, olives, mushrooms, and ground meat. The crust of Yellow Cab's pizza'a are really thin and crispy. The vegie's are sweet and crunchy and the cheese is all melty and hot.

That's some good pizza.

Their delivery Vespa's:

yellow cab vespa, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Takoyaki Yo!

A Japanese dish comprised of octopus, cabbage, batter, fish flakes and sweet, brown sauce. The octopus balls are cooked in a batter then sweet sauce is added to the top and the fish flakes are like the sprinkles. They're super hot when they come out and it's like you want to spit it out because it's so hot, but it tastes too good that you keep on chewing anyways. Watch out though, when you put them in your mouth, the flakes might go straight to your throat, like Ate Kit almost died. JK Ate Kit!

Its sweet outside then there's small pieces of octopus inside with cabbage.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Normally, you wouldn't see a place in the States named like this, esp a restaurant, or else people would think you are White Supremacists. But here, KKK has a whole different meaning. It stands for Kataas-taasang, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan. It is or was a Philippine organization founded by Revolutionists in 1892, during the rule of the Spainiards.

I haven't eaten at this restaurant yet, but I've read that they serve traditional style Filipino food with a twist, or updated versions.

You know, like Adobo on a Stick or Tilapia Shake. Nah, joke.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grapes or... Seaweed?

seaweed, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Aright so it's seaweed. I am not sure how they cooked it, if they cooked it at all. I'm guessing they didn't since it is seaweed, but they did serve it with onions and... I forgot. There were tons of these small, grape-like things on each strand and when you bit into it, they would burst. They were tiny and popped when you chewed them, and the inside was filled with sea bacteria, nah just kidding. It was kinda salty.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

At Seaside: tempura

At Seaside: tempura, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

From the market to the deep fryer, this is the tempura we ate at Seaside. It was a small basket full of hot, batter coated shrimp that was served along with dipping sauce. The shrimps were crispy and crunchy because it was served quickly, the shrimps were fresh and the meat was thick, and the batter was buttery and full of flavor. The dipping sauce was really sweet and the taste kind of stuck to your mouth. Best tempura I've tasted so far.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sizzling Beef Teriyaki

Sizzling Beef, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Beef Teriyaki

After Ate Kit worked at Chinese General Hospital, we went to eat at Sizzling. The place was just a small house, upstairs and downstairs, the downstairs was open and that's where they cooked the food, and the upstairs had enough space to seat a little over 20 people.

I ordered Beef Teriyaki and they were quick to cook it, less than 10 min. The gravy was poured over the meat and rice after the plate was set in front of me. And as soon as the gravy hit the hot plate, it started to bubble bubble and sizzle sizzle. The rice was yellow and I guess the color made me think it tasted like butter. The beef was sliced thinly and was... the taste was kinda covered by the hotness and the gravy. But it was good. Ate Kit paid like less than $3 for three plates.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bontoc: pork and vegies

bontoc pork vegies, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

I know, I know... more vegies?! Well, first let me start off with Bontoc. It is a small mountain province that we passed through between Sagada and Banaue. These vegies also look fresher than fresh right? They were cooked minimally as to keep all the nutrients intact and blah blah blah. In short, another killer meal of broccoli, carrots, cabbage and green beans? I can't remember what was in it exactly. The pork was deep fried I think because it had a crunchy, crusty, whatever coating it. It was good, but it didn't have much taste alone. I finished all of that btw...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cheese Omelet in Sagada

cheese omelet, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

We ate breakfast at another inn/restaurant in Sagada. I ordered a cheese omelet with bread. I thought the cheese would be mixed in with the eggs because that's how I grew up with my dad making omelets, but the cheese was grated and tucked inside the eggs. It was a lot of grated cheese. I noticed that the cheese here in the Philippines is a lot creamier than in California, maybe the cows aren't that happy there... Joke. It was a good, cheesy omelet. The three pieces of bread I dipped into my hot chocolate... it made the bread soft and sweet.
Cool thing about this place is that there is only one lady who operates it and she was the waitress, inn manager, chef, and all that. She cooked like 6 meals for us by herself.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mountain Vegies

Mountain Vegies, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

The best vegies I've ever eaten. There were carrots, green beans?, and this other vegetable that they "potato fry" cut. Cooked chop suey style with sauce thickened by flour. The freshest vegetables ever. The colors were so bright and you could really tell that these were straight from the ground and onto the plate. No long distance traveling, or handling, its as if they were just picked in the morning... which they probably were. The taste was so, so... like, how a vegetable is supposed to taste. Any vegie you eat after eating these will just seem... boring and bland.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Chicken Adobo in Banaue

Chicken Adobo in Banaue, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Also ordered at the same restaurant in Banaue, this chicken adobo was made from local, stress-free chickens. Potatoes and red somethings added made the meal all the more filling and pretty.

Native Rice in Banaue

Native Rice in Banaue, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Before reaching Sagada, we went to Banaue. Also known as the eighth wonder of the world for its rice terraces. For lunch, we ate at one restaurant that served us their native rice. Its color is a deep purple, which would turn black if it was not mixed in with white rice.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cyma's Greek Restaurant

Mixed Meat Gyro.
Wheat Greek pita bread, pork and beef, tomatoes, onions, and others...
Big and so filling...

Roasted Potatoes.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


wendy's side salad, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Meet Wendy's Side Salad. Made from macaroni, cheese, cucumbers, red jello and green jello. It caught my attention because I've never seen salad before that had jello in it. This salad may seem like a mix mash of different flavors all from different parts of the food pyramid, but it was good. I like anything with cheese, so there. Bought at a hospital cafeteria while Ate Kit was working.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eggo planto

eggplant, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Some say it looks like a dead bird. Others say, a couple dead birds. I say, I don't care how it looks, it is one of my favorite foods that is cooked here at the house. An eggplant dish, that was photographed so incorrectly. Anyways so yeah, it's eggplant and its good. I don't know how they make it, or how its cooked, or whatelse is in it. All I know is that its good eggplant. Ha ha, sorry! BTW, next to it, on the left, that's KFC. Killer Fried Cheeckin.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lucban Longganisa

lucban longganisa, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Yup, I know what you are thinking. It looks so good, right? Straight out of Wendy's chili... Its the other 4 fingers that haven't been found. Ha ha, not really.... Sorry about that.
Lucban is a type of longganisa, just another variation of the Filipino sausage. It is made from a lot of natural ingredients and extra oregano. Its red from food coloring, I think. Look at the reflection of the sausage in the plate... Whoa. Its good. A lot better than it looks in this picture
I took.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baguio Peanut Brittle

Baguio Peanut Brittle, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Peanut brittle straight from Baguio, Philippines. The cool, cool place, literally. Who could go wrong with peanuts and caramel. Its just a small bottle, but loaded with... peanuts haha. Flat, broken pieces of sugar and nuts. Its sweet, peanuty, and they complement each other very well. Its good, but I love anything sweet. Its crunchy, maybe thats what the "brittle" is for, jk. Nah, but its good. Go to Baguio and pick some of these up.

Peanut Brittle: Up close and personal

peanut brittle 1, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Puto, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Puto is, according to wiki, a steamed rice cake popular in the Philippines. It is small and has a spongy and slightly fluffy texture. Puto is usually eaten as a dessert but you know, you can eat it whenever. On the top there, the yellowish thing, is cheeeese. Yum, yum. I think I could stuff a couple of these in my mouth at one time.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


churros, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Another one from Taco Bell. Deep fried churros along with a hot chocolate sauce. By hot, I mean it was melted. A different kind of churro than what I had seen before. They are smaller and more bite-sizeable. The churros weren't sweet, that's what the choco sauce was for I guess, and crunchy with a soft inside. I was so tempted to pour the chocolate into my mouth. I didn't of course, although I have no clue where I found the inner strength to do so. Ha ha, I'm just kidding. I was surprised though, Taco Bell is one pf the few fast food places here that doesn't serve fried chicken.

Taco Bell Chalupa

chalupa, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

The only difference between chalupas and tacos is the shell I guess. Tacos are crunchy and hard, chalupas have soft, crunchy, bready shell. You bite into it and the shell is warm and thick, with a little bit of a crunch. The lettuce and tomatos are packed into it, and mine happened to have sour cream inside, as oppose to cheese. There are only like 3 Taco Bells here, and so we went pretty far just to get a chalupa. Shoot, they're good!

Friday, September 12, 2008


bbq, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Meet the barbecue. Its a street food here, meaning you could just go out of the house and walk for about a block and there will be people selling this for Php 15, I think, appox. $ 0.33. Its pork, but they selling all kinds of other barbecued things like chicken intestines? Yeah... I don't think I'm so fond of those. But this bbq is mighty meaty. Nah, when I ate this the meat was really tender, like it fell off the stick. Good when eaten over a plate of rice.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


rambutan, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

An exotic fruit. Looks like a rolled up caterpillar to me though. Its like a lychee inside with the seed and all. The fruit itself has like a transparent color and its sweet sweet. The sour ones are hard. My aunt brought over like two bags full of these the other week. I could live off of fruits, and I'd be the happiest person in the world too...

salt and pepper ribs

salt and pepper ribs, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Guardian celebrated closing a deal by taking us to uh I think its called "Little Asia." I have bad memory sorry. This is salt and pepper ribs, pork I think. Yup, pork. And she also ordered curry. Ah yum! This was good, but I love curry. I didn't take a picture of the curry because I read somewhere that all curry looks like... well you know. Those ribs were good, salty, peppery, and fried.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


buko, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Ice cold, refreshing coconut juice (buko juice) straight out of the coconut. All you have to do is walk down the street and buy buko from one one the many vendors and they will cut it open in front of you, take out the juice and scrape out the meat in the coconut. Healthy, cheap, and yummy.


crabb, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

From a small place next to the bay in the Philippines, near SM Mall of Asia. Garlic butter crab I think... Its loaded with... butter and ...garlic. I watched them enjoy cracking open the crabs and picking out all the meat, then getting what was in the bottom of the dish and pouring it over their rice. Who doesn't love crabs?

Sunday, September 7, 2008


fish lumpia, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Another dish that probably every Filipino has eaten at least once. It's lumpia, kind of like the Filipino spring roll. This came straight out of the kitchen here, nothing's better than the food made here at the house. Lumpia is usually fried, unless its fresh and this kind also happened to be made with fish.. as opposed to the usual pork lumpia. And it tastes even better, especially when dipped in vinegar or sweet and sour sauce. Its crispy and uh.. more like crunchy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

airplane foodies

airplane foodies, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

This is what my mother ate on the airplane, longanisa and egg and rice. Longanisa is Filipino sausage. We were flying on Philippine airlines, so I guess you know where we were going. It was ok, not that good. But I will post the food from this airlines I liked...soon.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Philippine Mango

Philippine Mango, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

The Philippine mango. The sweetest mango in the world. I love fruits, especially one that are sweet. Its available all year round here... so go be healthy with me and grab a mango.

Chocolate covered marshmallows - "Wiggles"

I bought a bag of these to sell at school, but I couldn't resist trying one because they looked so good. Now, they are all gone and they never reached my school...
It has a light chocolate covering and a multi-colored marshmallow inside. Ahh...so good. I couldn't eat just one.
They cost Pph 1 = $ .02 each.