Thursday, October 30, 2008

Authentic Curry

curry, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Ate Gi's dad, Lolo Freddie, makes a different kind of curry. Not the usual curry that you make from pieces of chicken and a box of store bought spices. He mixes the spices together, being particular with which ones to add and which ones not to. They are so fresh that he must use it all up, the spices he mixes, within a couple of days.

The potatoes are only mixed in with the chicken right before it is served.

curry potatoes

The sauce is a lot thinner than all the other curry sauces I've eaten before. The spices are strong and you can really taste how well they mix together. It smells really great too.

Garam masala is translated to hot spices and this is also what Ate Gi's dad uses.


Adrian and Emiko said...

What spices are in the mix?

nicole said...

Uhmm I'm not too sure what spices he mixes together...