Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cheese Omelet in Sagada

cheese omelet, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

We ate breakfast at another inn/restaurant in Sagada. I ordered a cheese omelet with bread. I thought the cheese would be mixed in with the eggs because that's how I grew up with my dad making omelets, but the cheese was grated and tucked inside the eggs. It was a lot of grated cheese. I noticed that the cheese here in the Philippines is a lot creamier than in California, maybe the cows aren't that happy there... Joke. It was a good, cheesy omelet. The three pieces of bread I dipped into my hot chocolate... it made the bread soft and sweet.
Cool thing about this place is that there is only one lady who operates it and she was the waitress, inn manager, chef, and all that. She cooked like 6 meals for us by herself.

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