Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grapes or... Seaweed?

seaweed, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Aright so it's seaweed. I am not sure how they cooked it, if they cooked it at all. I'm guessing they didn't since it is seaweed, but they did serve it with onions and... I forgot. There were tons of these small, grape-like things on each strand and when you bit into it, they would burst. They were tiny and popped when you chewed them, and the inside was filled with sea bacteria, nah just kidding. It was kinda salty.


Anonymous said...

nice blog. enticingly pretty. :)

paoix said...

you actually cook it for a little bit or you can kinilaw it. in bisaya this is called lato. not sure what it is in tagalog.

Jet said...

i think you boil this stuff. but heck im not eating this stuff they look like frog toes