Friday, November 14, 2008

Burger Machine

Burger Machine the cheaper, less franchised version of.... let's say Burger King. They have small stalls set up on street corners, gas stations and places like that, that are easily seen by pedestrians. They serve hot dogs and burgers obviously. They have different combos, like with coleslaw and cheese, or triple patties, or spicy, sweet, or whatever sauce you like. They grill the burgers right in front of you along with the buns.

The bread of the burgers is good, it tastes wheat-y and although the burger patties are kind of small, it doesn't really matter because it tastes good.

I'd say its a really good deal, the last time guardian bought, she bought 6 of them for like P120. Or maybe each one was P30+, but its buy one, take one. Good, good. They're pretty yummy.

Last night I had a Whopper Jr, shoot. Haven't eaten one of those for like over a year, or maybe two even.

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