Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hanging Fig

Hanging Fig, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

On our way to Sagada, we passed through this mountain province called Bontoc where I saw this hanging. They butchered p some pigs and just stuck out on a rack for people to pick out and take home. I really hated seeing this, and Kuya Thyne even pointed out the pig's head, which was hanging on the wall of the meat shop. Ah man was I sad.

But we ended up eating at the restaurant across from here, and I ate vegies and... fried pork.

The vegies. Shoot, crispest and greenest and the best freshest vegetables someone could ever taste.


Garando said...

Grotesque indeed. My wife's a foreigner and she freaked out the first time she saw something similar to this

chrissred said...

oh, yes, that must be what my Igoy hubby calls "etag" -a preserved meat. but the way they sell it where you saw it is.. uh, unsanitary. scary sight indeed.