Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OKK! krispie

okk krispie, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Meet the greatest rice krispies this world has ever seen.

My new modified recipe uses rice krispie cereal made right here in the Philippines, the margarine has a taste of buttermilk and the marshmallows are just the right sweetness... and the chocolate... the creamiest and best tasting chocolate I've tasted. It even comes in a 2.2lb block, imagine the sweetness of that.

My OKK's now have a bigger crisp in them, a creamy sweet taste and a semi-sweet chocolate topping.

I sell boxes of 8 pieces for P90. Soon I'll put up more pictures of the ingredients, process and the final boxed up and ready to eat stage.

When I used to make these back at home, I never used to eat the extra's... I got sick of the marshmallow smell and taste for such a long time. But when I made these, I couldn't get enough!

I guess you could say I'm the biggest fan of my own product. Ha,ha.

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