Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boracay clams

Boracay clams, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

On our last night at Boracay, we went to eat at this restaurant called "Plato D' Boracay." First, Ate Gi and them went to the wet market near the restaurant and picked out which seafood they wanted to be cooked. Then brought it over, told the waiters or whoever how they wanted it and then... ate it. This was the first batch of clams that was brought out, and when Ate Gi tried them, she went out and bought some more. The second time, they baked the calms with butter and cheese. Shucks they were so good. Melted, hot cheese smothered over these huge pieces of clam. They didn't have that seafood/ocean taste, and like their chewiness was perfect and all...

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