Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boracay foodies - Pork chop

boracay foodies, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

We walked up and down the strip of white sand at Boracay, like over a mile worth, going back and forth carrying freaking heavy bags looking for our room. Finally, after the longest time when checked in at a different resort and... ah, went to eat.

This is pork chop with egg and tomatoes and fried rice. I don't know how it tastes though coz I ordered beef steak. It was good, the sauce of it was sour and the meat was pretty tender. I didn't take a picture of it coz it didn't look too pretty. Ha ha.

Well... More Borcay foodies to come.

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UltraDust said...

Nicole...This Friday. 1am sa Farmers Plaza,sk your Tita Gigi to bring you or just commute via MRT2. Then walk past Gateway, Araneta Coliseum then Farmers. It's connected to MRT along EDSA. The place is GENEX at the 3F. Up to 9pm tayo on Friday then....10am-5pm on Satuday. Jomar