Saturday, January 3, 2009

Is that spam?

Is that spam?, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

We brought a couple cans of spam with us when we went to Sagada. This is right after the bus dropped us in Banaue and they were about to eat it straight out of the can. I was like whaa?! Can you do that? And I guess... you can. But anyways, I love spam. Actually, I loved spam, until I started making musubi (spam sushi) then I hated it, even the smell. I didn't eat for almost a year.. til this plate of spam.


gege said...

Oh, suddenly had a craving for spam. I like it with rice and sunny side up eggs.

spanx said...

Spam is the Food of the Gods ",)

thanks to your picture,
i have get a can of Spam with Bacon first thing tomorrow!