Monday, January 5, 2009

Ketchup Please!

green eggs and ham, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

This was another breakfast meal in Sagada. I love sunny side up eggs for breakfast, better with toast though unless you pour ketchup all over the rice too. I love eggs with ketchup, it's like ketchup was made to be put on eggs. One time when I was in like 7th grade or something, I ate nothing but a sunny side up, full of ketchup, and a piece of toast for breakfast every morning for months.


Garando said...

When i was a kid, my dad showed me how to cut up and mix a sunnyside egg with rice then dump a generous serving of ketchup and mix again. It was an instant favorite, lalo na kung may kasamang hotdog.

nicole said...

Agree! Especially filipino hotdog, the red ones