Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Caffe Mezza Luna - Half Moon Bay

Went out early in the morning on Saturday with Mom and Dad,
and visited the Point Montara Lighthouse where I sent out my
message in a bottle... (photos will come soon as they were taken
for my B+W photography class, so.. they have yet to be developed).

We continued along HWY 1, stopping over at a farmer's market and
then going to Caffe Mezza Luna - an Italian cafe/restaurant/bakery.

Started off with some hot choco, not the typical super sweeet kind...
Had whipped cream and chocolate powder to top it off.

Italian Hot Chocolate, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Mom and I shared a prosciutto and brie panini with a small side salad.
First time I've eaten a panini made with flat bread. The dressing was olive
oil and some type of vinaigrette.

Prosciutto and Brie Panini, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

Dad had a ham and egg and cheese crepe with hash browns.
Square hash browns! Haha.
The crepe was good, loaded with cheese.... :)

Dessert: Gelato, of course!
Oreo cookie + creme.... mmmm..... If only McFlurry's were this good....

Oreo Cookies + Cream Gelato, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

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Vivi Bee said...

Ah, this food looks good! :O