Sunday, May 22, 2011

Strawberry Vanilla Cream cheese + Chocolate Cupcakes

So the other week I made cupcakes as a 'thank you' for hiring me.
Tired of red velvet. Tired of chocolate in general. And plain vanilla... And boring looking ones.
I wanted them to know I spent an extra... minute making them (haha...).

The mini ones: vanilla cupcake with strawberry cream cheese, freshly cut strawberry and melted white chocolate on top.

IMG_0405, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

The bigger ones: Same as above except the strawberries were first dipped in milk chocolate.

IMG_0416, originally uploaded by nicolegoes.

These were one of the only cupcakes I've made that I enjoyed eating.
Sweet & tart. Mostly sweet :) But the strawberries did lessen some of the guilty feelings I guess haha.